For my year abroad, I’m attempting to travel light while staying prepared for different situations with regards to weather, laundry, pickpockets, etc. I did tons of research, but after just one day in Prague, I realized that it was mostly a waste. Months of googling was quickly trumped by one day of actual experience. On the bright side, with a duffel that’s literally the maximum size allowed for a carry-on, I was able to get by without checking any bags.

Empty Bags


  • Duffel - Tom Bihn Aeronaut 45
  • Backpack - Topo Designs Daypack



	<li>T-shirts x5</li>
	<li>Longsleeve/Hoodie x2</li>
	<li>Collared Shirts x3</li>
	<li>Rain Jacket</li>
	<li>Boxers x8</li>
	<li>Socks x9</li>
	<li>Athletic Shoes</li>
	<li>Casual Shoes</li>
	<li>Pants x2</li>
	<li>Board Shorts</li>
	<li>Pajama Pants</li>
	<li>Athletic Shorts x2</li>
	<li>Flip Flops</li>



	<li>Laptop and Charger</li>
	<li>USB Headphones/Mic</li>
	<li>Universal Adapter</li>
	<li>External Mouse/Keyboard</li>
	<li>Travel Towel</li>
	<li>iPhone, Charger, Earbuds</li>
	<li>Glasses and Contact Lenses</li>
	<li>Journal and Pens</li>
	<li>Books and Booklight</li>
	<li>Puzzle Book</li>
	<li>Playing Cards</li>
	<li>Ear Plugs</li>
	<li>Ziplock Bags</li>
	<li>Mosquito Repellant</li>
	<li>Stress Ball</li>

I stuffed all clothes and most accessories into the duffel. The laptop, books, and some smaller accessories were left for the backpack. Duffel ended up weighing 12+ kg, or more than 2 kg over the carry-on limit, but who’s counting?